Sin City’s Select

SafeVegas brings the exhilaration of hitting the jackpot to the comfort of your home.

People often refer to the Binance Smart Chain alt-coin space as a sort of internet “Wild West”. We all know that in the West, some cities are wilder than others, and Las Vegas just might be the wildest. With its promise of fast cash, the infamous (glamourous) strip, jaw-dropping intrigue, and stimulation around every corner, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Similarly, the positive price momentum that happens on SafeVegas, stays on SafeVegas. The House always wins, and as an owner of SafeVegas you are the house. We’ve been counting cards and developed a method of adding liquidity that gets burned every single transaction, constantly driving the value up like a parking spot next to the MGM Grand.

We don’t just pump, we Bellagio Fountain Show

Texas Hodlem. Keep these coins close to your chest because 5% of every transaction adds poker chips to your stack — refresh and watch your token balance steadily rise. Money Magic. Diamond hands will be rewarded with Tiffany Diamond shopping sprees at Caesar’s Palace.

Our website is live at where you will see our ever-updating roadmap, tokenomic information, and a smooth animation. Our community at

We have an audit already ordered coming from an incredibly talented crypto veteran, an innovative marketing strategy being deployed as I type, and an active, intelligent community growing faster than the 2nd fastest growing city in the US. The project is early, and as we all know Vegas never stops growing.

So what will you do when you cash in with SafeVegas? A penthouse stay over a bustling evening cityscape? A luxury vehicle ride surrounded by beautiful and talented people? A chance at tripling your fortune in the dazzling casinos? A bunch of cocaine?

Fun. Fast. Fortune.

-SafeVegas Dev Team




All of the glitz and glamour of Sin City with a dev team that never sleeps — unruggable, lovable, fun!

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All of the glitz and glamour of Sin City with a dev team that never sleeps — unruggable, lovable, fun!

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